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Computer Programming Training Tutorial (Thank you Brian!)

HTML... Material for classes

Table Kit   (Inner Table Graphic)

Dreamweaver kit V1 | Layers I Macromedia DW | Quickstart DW

 Material for Intro Class Class Kit

 Material for Intro Class My Site

Enter The Net- Class outline

Mac- Exercises | Frames | Align | Gif | Program Switcher | Rollovers |
| Anchor | Maps | Buttons | Forms | PageMill | ApplWindows |

Windows- Exercises | Frames | Align | Gif |
| Anchor | Maps | Buttons | Forms | PageMill |

HTML specs and Web Design Resources

HTML for Beginners

HTML Beginners Guide

Big List of HTML Validators

HTML5 Cheat Sheet

Customize Wordpress 101

HTML I Class notes

W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium

W3C HTML Home Page

XHTML 1.0 (Reformulation of HTML 4)

W3C on HTML 4.01

W3C on HTML 3.2

Web Developers Virtual Library Quick Index

Project Cool: Building on the Web

What ?

Web Page Design for Designers Usable Information Technology

20 Questions: How the Net Works

The High Five Web Design Site

WDVL on HTML 4.0

World Wide History Project

HTML Writers Guild's resource collection

The Web Developer's Virtual Library

Index to Multimedia Information Sources

Index Dot HTML: THE Advanced HTML Reference

HTML Quick Start: Basics of web page creation

HTML Practice

The Bare Bones Guide To HTML by Kevin Werbach

HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners

PC Guide To HTML

Webmaster Reference Library

All things Web

Web Techniques Magazine

Yale's Design Principles for Website Creation

Dave's Site

The "UnOfficial" Hip Pocket Guide to HTML 4.0 Web Site

The Internet
Introduction to the Internet Protocols

Internet Security
GRC: Test your cpu for invasion while wired to the Net.

Norton Internet Security 2000

Black Ice

ASCII Text Editors
Tex-Edit Plus (Mac)

BBEdit Lite (Mac)

HomeSite (Win)

HotDog HTML Web-editor (Win)

HTML-Kit (Win)

Graphics Programs
Adobe (Mac - Win)

Macromedia (Mac - Win)

Corel (Mac - Win)

Graphic Converter (Mac)

LView Pro (Win)

SpinWave (Win)

GifBuilder (Mac)

Freeware/shareware- graphics software (Win)

Search the Web


Search Engine Watch: Tips About and Submitting to Search Engines

Ira Sterbakov's All-in-one Find Anything Search Page - Area Codes, Zip Code Lookup Services

Ixquick Metasearch

Alta Vista


Northern Light





Four 11

Who Where

All the Web

Quiver - The Human-Powered Directory

Ultra Infoseek

Big Book

Public Search Information


Simpli Find --> Search


Ask Jeeves

Searchalot - We search a lot so you don't have to! - Search Box

MegaSpider - Searching the Search Engines for You !

Savy Search

Profusion --> Intelliseek Web Search

Meta Tags

META Tags: Basics


Web Statistics

Internet EKG - The Pulse of Everything Internet

Nettie's Internet Statistics and Demographics Links

StatMarket - Internet statistics and user trends

An Atlas of Cyberspaces - Geographic

Nielsen//NetRatings --> Weekly Usage

The Netcraft Web Server Survey

The Internet Archive


The 216 Hexadecimal Safe Colors by Hue


Compare GIFs to JPEGs

Color Finder

RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart

Ryan Lee's Big Bad Color Test

Some HTML colors by name/hex

E-Z Reference Hexidecimal Color Chart!

RGB Hex Triplet Colors

Color Code White Page

The Color Specifier for Netscape

Images, animations and more

Graphic Converter (Mac)

GIFBuilder (Mac)

GIF Construction Kit for Windows

Microsoft's GIF Animator (Windows)

Texture Creator

Gamma Toggle F-KEY


All about GIF89a


Lycos Image Gallery

Barry's Clip Art --> Buttons, Backgrounds et al.

clip2gif Home Page

Photoshop f/x Macintosh Software Archive

Icons and Images for Use in HTML Documents

Cool Java Applets

The Cross-Platform Page

Virus, Worms Etc.


Shared Calendars

Shared Calendar

Meeting Maker

Corporate Time


Netscape Calendar Server


Project Cool- CSS Style Properties

CSS 1- A Referance

Guide to Cascading Style Sheets

Style Sheet Reference Guide

WWLive- CSS Demo

CSS Lessons

CSS Master Browser Compatibility Charts List

Cascading Style Sheets: CSS1, CSS2 Tutorials, Books, Resources, Help - CSS- Browser Compatibility Charts

Elizabeth Castro's Browser Test Pages

Cascading Style Sheets Editor


Arbortext: Enterprise XML Software- Epic

Domain Name Registration

directNIC $15

HT Networks Domain Registry

InterNIC Website

InterNIC Whois

Network Solutions


Transmit * Mac 9/X

Fetch * Mac

WS_FTP - most popular FTP client * Windows

WS_FTP - Free version * Windows

FTP Explorer * multiple ftp sessions, drag and drop * Windows

CuteFTP * Windows

ftp voyager * Windows


Apple- Mac OS X

Mac OS X Apps

Mac OS X Hints


Plug-In Plaza, all you need to know.

Navigator 2.0 plug-ins for the Mac

TECPlayer's QuickTime Pulg-in for the Mac


Apple - Products - QuickTime

Virtual Mummy: Cool QTVR





SoundJam MP

Macast MP

Audion MP



The Browser Archive

Browser Statistics (for Engineering Workstations)

World Wide Web Robots, Wanderers, Spiders, Worms and Ants

Browser Glossary

Gopher Menu



Map Making Exercises



Client-side map example.

Convert serverside imagemaps to Netscape clientside maps

Tools and Tricks


The Many Languages of IT Programming


A Beginner’s Guide to Programming Languages

Web tools, tricks and help

Macintosh Web Programs and Utilities

Quark to HTML conversion.

No Wonder! - Free tech support

Website Garage- tune your site up!

AGNetTools-Ping, Nslookup & Traceroute Tools

Screwy HTML Fixer- like PageMill

MODEM Speed-Test Page


Netscape on Frames

Rob's Simple Frame Syntax

Rob's "Frame Up"

Charlton Rose's Frames Tutorial


David Siegel's Table Tutorial


Joe Barta's Table Tutor


Final Table Code- HTML I

Free Applets

Image Intelligence


Java Sun Applets

Analysers and Validators

HTML Tidy: fixes syntax

W3C HTML Validation Service

Doctor HTML- Online Web page HTML analysis

WebTechs Validation Service

Weblint: HTML 2.0 Validator

HTML Validators- instantly verify your Web efforts.

VSE Link Tester

Forms - Introduction to Forms forms.

An instantaneous introduction to CGI scripts and HTML forms.

Fill out Forms --> Beginners Guide

Mosaic for X version 2.0 Fill-Out Form Support

3-D - VRML


The VRML Repository


The Javascript Source

Javascript Planet

Beginner's JavaScript

JavaScript Documentation From Netscape's home pages.

Page Shake script

Happy Trails...or "Dot's Entertainment!"



Deja News

Macintosh Hardware ~ Software

Macintosh Software Updates -

Info-Mac HyperArchive

MacFixIt (Troubleshooting solutions)

MacConnection (Great buys)

CompareNet: (Best Deals)



Why Windows Web Pages Have Tiny Text

The buzz on fonts

Mozilla Source Code.
Netscape's Mozilla Source Code

Files of Sounds by ClixSounds

Digital Photography and Printing

Digital Camera Comparison-Shopper Site

Digital Photography Reviews

CMP TV Net: Technology Broadcast

Test Your Own Printer Online

Accurate Image Manipulation for Desktops

Complete guide to digital cameras and digital photography

ColorBank Digital Sources

Photography Resources

The Digital Photography Exhibit

Stoegbauer Digital Studio

Digital Photoloft: albums ~ cameras ~ scanners ~ gifts

Digital Dog


Johnson Digital Workshop, etc

  • Bookmarks
  • Demonstrations of New Netscape 1.1 Features
  • Hype Mag's Netscape Extension's Tools
  • The Background Sampler
  • Netscape extensions (nearly)
  • The <IMG ALIGN> Extension
  • The 216 colors of Netscape
  • Background Colors (color Swatches)
  • ColorEditor for HTML
  • Document specific background and foreground control
  • Use of Netscape tags in HTML
  • RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart

    More Web Authoring References

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    The Gizmos.

    The HyperText Markup Language.

    The Newsgroups

    The Perl Language.

    The World Wide Web.

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