Revision History of Tex-Edit Plus

Tex-Edit Plus 2.1
Tex-Edit Plus 2.0.5
Tex-Edit Plus 2.0.4
Tex-Edit Plus 2.0.3
Tex-Edit Plus 2.0.1
Tex-Edit Plus 2.0
Tex-Edit Plus 1.8.5
Tex-Edit Plus 1.8.4
Tex-Edit Plus 1.8.3
Tex-Edit Plus 1.8.2
Tex-Edit Plus 1.8.1
Tex-Edit Plus 1.8.0
Tex-Edit Plus 1.7.1
Tex-Edit Plus 1.7.0
Tex-Edit Plus 1.0

Tex-Edit Plus 2.1
Live scroll enabled.
Text wrapping width is now selectable for individual windows (new menu option).
Text wrapping width is saved with document.
Enhanced Find/Replace wildcard functions (see explanatory table in documents).
Style Run is now a scriptable text attribute.
State of tab display saved with document.
Added "Auto Indent" command.
Script globals are now saved between script executions.
Rearranged menu commands slightly for clarity.
Added WYSIWYG Font menu option for Mac OS 8 users.
New version of WASTE text engine used.
"Show Invisibles" now displays linefeeds and formfeeds.
Adjusted Find dialog interface slightly.
Fixed "Show Invisibles" bug on 68000 machines thanks to Paul Durrant!
Fixed problem using "Clear" command with dialogs.
Fixed bugs when using styles during search and replace.
Correct search placeholders sent during script recording.

Tex-Edit Plus 2.0.5
Character count updates properly when window receives drag.
Better handling of nonstandard clipboard entries.
Improved picture placement when creating SimpleText read-only documents.
Fixed bug which prevented speaking of read-only documents.
Improved zoomed window positioning, also zooms correctly on multiple monitors.
Fixed "Show Invisibles" bug on Macs which lack Color QuickDraw.
Minor interface refinements to several dialog boxes.
Find/Replace by styles now fully scriptable and recordable.
Added more options to Save As file type popup menu.
Dragging text files onto an open window inserts styles, pictures and sounds along with text.

Tex-Edit Plus 2.0.4 Improved memory management in PPC version.
Bundle bit set.
Many improvements and additions to sample scripts thanks to Joel Burtsche!

Tex-Edit Plus 2.0.3
Much faster opening of large files. (Roman script)
Improved speed of word counting. (Roman)
Improved script handling of text ranges.
ASCII popup menu displays keystrokes for all characters.
Fixed AppleScript string comparison bug.
Minor interface improvements.

Tex-Edit Plus 2.0.1
Fixed bug noted when "Scripts" folder was missing. (Thanks to Jean Tantra!)

Tex-Edit Plus 2.0.1
Extensive AppleScript support.
Scripts menu added. (Place compiled scripts in "Scripts" folder.)
Support for Word Services added.
Added "Show Invisibles" command.
Added "Print One Copy" command.
Added "Next File" button to "text not found" dialog.
Added "Enter Replacement String" command (cmd-opt-e).
Up/down arrow keys can now be used to scroll smoothly through a document.
Default font is now the 12 point standard application font instead of 9 point Monaco.
A read-only file can now replace a text file during a save.
Fixed bug noted when trying to use speech before pref file has been created.
Fixed cursor bug noted on older versions of MacOS.
Fixed activation bug in Find dialog.
Improved paragraph count.
Fixed bug noted when user has not yet selected a printer in the Chooser.
Fixed bug noted when changing Prefs with multiple windows open.
Fixed off-by-one bug in Block Format line length calculation.
Activated cmd-click of URLs in Help dialog.

Tex-Edit Plus 1.8.5
Eliminated erroneous dialog noted when cancelling an Insert operation.
Added separate "Modify Selection" command.
Added "Min line length" adjustment to Strip commands to preserve tabular text.

Tex-Edit Plus 1.8.4
The Strip CR/LF command now does a much better job of preserving paragraph formatting.
The Wild Run placeholder will now substitute for up to 127 characters.
Replacing large selections with a Wild Run character is now fixed.
Fixed update bug in character count display.

Tex-Edit Plus 1.8.3
Added 'kind' resource (for Finder). Rebuild desktop to see changes.
Added 'open' resource (for Mac Easy Open).
Updated B&W About dialog version number.
Fixed bug noted when Auto-Save tries to save an untitled window in the background.

Tex-Edit Plus 1.8.2
Replacing with a Wild Run character now enabled.

Tex-Edit Plus 1.8.1
Improved finding of non-roman characters with proper case handling.
Fixed "unimplemented trap" bug seen with older Macs.
Removed error message noted when using ASCII popup on read-only document.
Preferred document creator is now remembered between launches.
Quit Apple event no longer asks to come to foreground unless window needs saved.

Tex-Edit Plus 1.8.0
Added ASCII popup menu to window frame.
Added ASCII popup to Find/Replace dialog.
Splash screen added. (Thank you Michael Rohde!)
Greatly improved Preferences dialog layout.
The text justification setting is saved within each document.
Editable "Smart Quotes" substitutions in the Preferences dialog.
New "Use Real Tabs" menu selection allows independent document tab activation.
Preferences switch allows activation/deactivation of Text Services.
Default justification is selectable in the Preferences dialog.
Improved main event loop (faster cursor updates, etc.)
Fixed bug in "Add CR" and "Block Format" command noted when entire line has no spaces.
Added "Find In Next File" command.
Added global "Find" command.
Added global "Replace" command.
Added a "Wild Run" character in the Find dialog as a variable length wildcard placeholder.
The "Find Again" command is always active.
Added "Save All" command.
Fixed update bug in character count display.
Convenient "Tab Options" dialog added.
Fixed error dialog noted during launch when Help menu has been deliberately snuffed.
No longer closes data fork when trying to open file which is in use by another application.
Fixed bug opening occasional SimpleText read-only document.
Added ability to open non-ttro SimpleText documents with pictures.
Added "Reset" button to Preferences dialog.
Added option to "Remember text selection" when document is saved.

Tex-Edit Plus 1.7.1
Fixed cosmetic bug in page scroll function (seen when page scrolling About dialog).
Fixed memory leak noted when cancelling time-consuming operations.
Minor cursor display fix.
Improved "Block Format" algorithm with respect to leading/trailing CRs.
No longer forces synchronization of keyboards and fonts.
Fixed bug (compiler-related) sometimes seen with 68000 machines.
Added support for cmd-click of URLs.
Added support for Get Data and Set Data Apple events.
Faster initial display of Find/Replace dialog.
The "Auto-Highlighting" menu selection is remembered between launches.
The shift-delete shortcut can be turned on/off in the "Preferences" dialog.
Improvements made to Strip CR/LF command to improve handling of multiple CRs.
Saving in a plain/unstyled format no longer creates an empty resource fork.

Tex-Edit Plus 1.7.0
Added "Replace multiple spaces with CR" to Modify dialog.
Faster "Title Case" cmd.
Faster "Close All" and "Quit" cmd.
Pushing cancel button in Open dialog after launch no longer displays a blank window.
Fixed obscure set of bugs seen when trying to open an already-open document.
Fixed bug caused when invoking "Change Case" cmds with no windows open.
Fixed bug in "Custom Window Size" preference.
Fixed obscure zoom bug.
Fixed bug involving Quick Modify submenu activation.
Improved low memory handling.
Fixed bug noted when trying to replace existing non-text doc during save.
Added help menu item.
When resizing "soft wrapped" window, text stays put.
Option-delete/fwd delete deletes the previous/next word.
Improved algorithm in Find "whole words only" option.
Improved algorithm of various Change Case commands.
Improved Add/Strip CR/LF algorithms.
Fixed character count redraw bug.
Improved Block Format algorithm for determining word breaks.
Leading and trailing CRs are no longer automatically inserted by Block Format.
Better support for double byte script systems (multiple internal changes).
Fixed "feature" that allowed editing of Finder-locked files.
Increased suggested shareware donation to $10. :-)

Tex-Edit Plus 1.0
Adds ability to open styled documents of unlimited size (RAM).
System 7 required.