Enter The Net


· Introductions

· A short History of the Internet

· What you need to get "wired" to the Internet

a. Hardware

I. A personal computer

II. A telephone

III. A modem

b. Software

c. An Internet Service Provider (ISP)

d.. How to find a good ISP

I. Magazines, newspapers, radio, TV

II. Word of mouth

III. The Web


· Using the Web for information before you get a home connection

a. The Public Library

b. A friend

c. An Internet Cafe


· How we "Entered the Net" BUC (Before the Universal Client)

a. TurboGopher

aa. Gopher Through Netscape

b. Fetch

c. Telnet (Lynx)


· Enter the Net with a Universal Client

a. Netscape

b. Internet Explorer

c. Other Browsers (clients)


· Mail Programs

a. Eudora Lite 3.1 (freeware)

b. Netscape

c. Other Programs (i.e. Claris Emailer 2.0)

d. Pine

d. UC Email Policy


· Newsgroups


· How to obtain free software


· Recommended text:

Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh, Fourth Edition
by Adam Engst




20 Questions: How the Net Works

The EMail Facts of Life





© 1999 Robert Altman