My Little Town - San Francisco

Movers and Groovers II

From the personal photo Archives of Robert Altman. 1995

[Photo of Sean Mooney]

Sean Mooney, 1979

Proprietor of Mooney's Irish Pub, North Beach, San Francisco

[Photo of Warren Hinkle  and pooch Bentley]

Warren Hinkle and Bentley

Writer, Editor and Hell Raiser.

[Photo of Entertainer Joel Grey and Hotelier Richard Swig]

Entertainer Joel Grey and Hotelier Richard Swig

San Francisco Symphony Fundraiser, Fairmont Hotel

[Photo of Peter Mintun, Pianist]

Peter Mintun, Salon Pianist

L'Etoile Restaurant, Nob Hill

More San Francisco

Please note that all of these photographs are Copyright 1995 Robert Altman, All Rights Reserved. They are made available for your personal enjoyment only. Any other use without the express, prior written consent of Robert Altman is strictly prohibited.


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