My Little Town - San Francisco

Movers and Shakers III

From the personal photo Archives of Robert Altman. 1995

[Photo of Ann and Gordon Getty]

Ann and Gordon Getty

An evening at the San Francisco Symphony.

[Photo of Singer Tony Bennet and S.F. Congressman Quenten Kopp]

Singer Tony Bennet and SF. Congressman Quentin Kopp

Inside former Mayor Diane Feinstein's private office the night before the 1984 Superbowl.

[Photo of Walter Shorenstein and Herb Caen]

Walter Shorenstein and Herb Caen

San Francisco's leading realtor and the World's Finest Three Dot Journalist.
At the "Rock 'n Bowl" engagement party of daughter Carole Shorenstein to Dr. Jeff Hayes.

[Photo of Charlotte Mailliard Swig and Cyril Magnin]

Charlotte Mailliard Swig and Cyril Magnin

The late San Francisco Chief of Protocol Magnin and his dynamic deputy.

Please note that all of these photographs are Copyright 1995 Robert Altman, All Rights Reserved. They are made available for your personal enjoyment only. Any other use without the express, prior written consent of Robert Altman is strictly prohibited.


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