Friends and Other People I Admire

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Rob's Honor Roll of Web Developer Students.

Baron Wolman Photography
Great guy. Great Photography!
The original Rolling Stone Chief Photographer.
Jim Marshall's Music Photography
My mentor from the days that usta' be... Jim always looked out for me.
"He's shot more music for more years than anyone I know." --Annie Leibovitz
Lisa Law
"Queen of the Sixties"
Good friend. Great photographer.

Barry Melton
Co-founded Country Joe and the Fish
Good friend. Great guy.
John Byrne Cooke- Photo Man
Originally bluegrass band member of the Charles River Valley Boys
John has built a wonderful photo an archive.
Friend of Dylan, Janis, Baez and many more he tells it from the inside.
Punmaster's MusicWire
David Gross's Website. Great guy and friend.
You'll be happy if you subscribe to his daily electronic "MusicWire!"
Over 8,000 in the music industry do.
Bob Gruen, Rock and Roll Photographer
My friend and top NYC based Rock shooter
Phil Franks Photography
Freax-o-Matic Roto-Rama presents The Philm Freax Archives
The 'Great Photogger' hosts one entertaining pleasurama!
Madeline Eastman - Jazz singer extraodinaire.
My friend MadKat has four CD's for you and a flippy Web Grotto to groove in.
The Artwork of David Singer
My pal David had done some of the famous Fillmore Posters and much more!
Herman Leonard
Best photo designed site I've ever seen.
Superp shots of Jazz greats...a must see!
Gene Anthony Photography
My sixties peer during the late, great days of the "Haight."
Visit the all new Gene Anthony's Summer Of Love site!
Hammond Guthrie's E scape - 3rd Page
Dive into Hammond's wondrous world of art and poetry.
Read Hammond's memoir "As Ever Was"
Jeff Tamarkin's Jefferson Airplane Website
Read his admired book Got A Revolution!
Jon Sievert's Humble Press
Buy his fine book --> Concert Photography
"How to shoot and sell photos in the music business."
Stefanie Herzer
Photography powered by passion
Great technician too.
Bill Owens Photographer
I've known Bill for over 30 years.
Best known for his classic book "Suberbia"
My new friend Matthue.
He's an original and a fine, fine writer.
Doc Ozone
Doc, Kevin Doyle, is now best Artist Technician I know.
If you don't visit Doc right now you ought to have your head examined.
Laura Lemay
My friend and also the She Queen of HTML Books
The Book .
Bob West
Bob is a drop dead, first class, top drawer, ace page designer.
Bob has recently lent some of his enormous artistic talents right here . What a guy!
Churches ad hoc
A Photo Essay by Herman Krieger
Herman has a righteous sense of humor.
Jack Salvador Images & Design Home Page
Jack's a good friend and multi talented fella.

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