Virtual senility at Vivid Image

Thursday, September 28, 1995

I'm still trying to figure this scene out. Ok- now we're at Vivid Image's "Virtual Reality- A CyberMinded Interactive Space Station and Outlander Freezone Sandbox." (I think I might have added an adjective or two here.)

That's photogger Jason Blaney sporting a Nikon E2 which is now married to a digital Fuji magazine back, an $11,000 optical rig. Jason's shooting for MacWeek's "Daily Blatt" coverage of the Seybold Graphics and Publishing Conference here in Ess Eff, CA. Jason's camera, a tank, is 3X the size of a conventional 35 mm Nikon. Like many of my colleagues, I'll wait till they downsize both the camera and its price.

OK, I admit it. I'm envious.

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