Barbara Spindell

Barbara Spindell and Little Buddy

Friday, June 7, 1996
Bolinas, California

You can't go home again...or can you?

Twenty years ago my relationship with Barbara Spindell extinguished... just as it a burst of flame .

We reunited for the first time today, went sailing with mutual pal Gene Schoenfield. I must admit...time compressed...and through the veil we seemingly resumed where we left off twenty years ago today.

After a day filled with slueing, yawing, sheering and veering it was a kick to make a maritime entrance at the Sausalito Yacht Club and enjoy a hearty dinner worthy of three spent seafarers. Little Buddy also did well as the three of us had a hankering for carne rojo and the little one scampered away with a choice doggie bag.

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