Website for the Oakland Zoo

Website for the Oakland Zoo. Original Design Team Consultant

Exhibit for the Exploratorium Science Museum

Project Manager; Lead HTML developer, Interface Design

Exhibit for the Exploratorium Science Museum

Summer of Love  

Creative Director

California Employer Advisor  Logo

Consultant; site maintenance.

Wallop Software Logo

Consultant; site maintenance.

Carden Sprinkler Logo

Webmaster, designer. Site redesign.

Wizards of the Web!

Co-producer of sold out three part series at Yerba Buena Gardens.

The CEA Artists' Exhibition: Designer / Director

The Center for Electronic Art Website:
Webmaster and Lead HTML Developer Vesions 1-6

Online Design Magazine Premiere Issue: Original Design Team

Web Broadcasting Team Member On Site Digital Photography

Created CD ROM to accompany Wayne Ause's book for Ziff Davis

Featured Speaker "How to Build a Web Page"

Program STEPPE: Designer / Director

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