Photo- Nightfire
Photo- Robert Altman ~ Art- Harvey Mandel © 2003


     Nov. 8, 2003
     San Francisco

I'm proud to be associated with this incredible band and to have contributed cover photography. I was made a better man with the graphic post production vision of my buddy- the renaissance wizard of art and music- Harvey Mandel.

Here's a recent review from the CD Baby website-

"Psychedelic guitar great Harvey Mandel and lap steel guitar legend Freddie Roulette, both with roots in the Chicago Blues, reunite here for the first time in over 30 years! Harvey Mandel's credits include Canned Heat, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, The Ventures, and The Rolling Stones ("Black and Blue" album); Freddie Roulette, often called "the greatest lap steel guitarist in the world", has blended his ethereal sound with those of John Lee Hooker, Earl Hooker, and Charlie Musselwhite.

This album ranges from Psychedelic Rock to Chicago Style Blues, with a little jazz and a little rap thrown in. It is balanced between instrumental and vocal. The last track, Guest House, includes guest artists Roy Rogers, Norton Buffalo, and Henry Kaiser. Former Jefferson Starship keyboardist Pete Sears lends his magic to three tracks (4,9,11); other tracks include Santana's Michael Carabello on conga (1,7) and Jose Najera on conga and percussion (3,4,10), and former Sly and the Family Stone drummer Greg Errico, who also appeared on Santana's "Abraxas" album.

Appearing on every track is the San Francisco Bay Area band NightFire, which, in addition to Harvey Mandel and Freddie Roulette, includes veteran musicians Michael Borbridge on drums, Eugene Huggins on harmonica and vocals, and Michael Warren (formerly with Merl Saunders and The Rainforest Band) on bass.

Other guest artists on this album are Rikki Gordon and Sonny Reece on vocals, and Rob Pool, Liam Hanrahan, and Steve Evans on bass.

There's something for everyone here, but our favorites are Baby Batter, FreeFlow, Small Town Talk, Lost in Time, Touch of Green, and, of course, Guest House."


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