Photo- Kaboom! Boat Outing
Photo: © Robert Altman - 2002

High and Dry

Dr. Hip's Boat Gala

      May 11, 2002

What a great mix of guests. You could 'Google' any one aboard and probably find their website.

From Leah Garchik, San Francisco Chronicle columnist-

"THE GANG'S ALL THERE: Psychiatrist Eugene Schoenfeld, a devoted family man, threw a party last weekend to celebrate the 91st birthday of his beloved dad, Ben Schoenfeld, and the guest list seemed like a roster of notables from the days when the host was Dr. Hip -- Wavy Gravy, Alex Bennett, Barry Melton (the Fish), Chet Helms -- but for one name ripped from current headlines: Nedra Ruiz."

The lovely gams you see above belong to recipe book author Jamee Ruth. Other guests not listed above included Dr. Albert Schweitzer's daughter Rena; amazing publicist Lee Housekeeper; "Nash Bridges" music director George Michalski; former 'Cockette' Fayette Hauser (sister of Tim Hauser, founder of the Manhattan Transfer;) KGO TV Sports producer Eric Christensen and so many more.

Besides the warmth and commraderie, the highlight was sailing with Captain Gene under the San Francisco Bay Bridge to goggle, gape and ogle KFOG's great firework display.


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