Robert Altman's Sixties - San Francisco Reception



      July 14, 2002

"I found myself in studio Z one night, where your exhibit is. What was cool was there was a pack of 20 something kids going from picture to picture. I thought of you as I watched them and how it would have made a great news piece, the pack all huddled around a photo, especially from the framed pictures point of view. But of course I never have my camera when gold strikes." -Gabe Froman, KRON TV News

I am delighted to announce and invite you to a 70 piece exhibition of my Sixties photography in the town where most of the remarkable people I encountered "did their thing" and were photographed by yours truly.

Curated by that dynamic duo- Ms. Rebecca Nichols and Mr. Zeremy Uptegrove. With Nash Bridges Musical Director George Michalski providing Classic Rock sounds, we plan an uproarious and memorable opening August 1st only to be topped by an unforgettable closing evening August 28th with 3 bands to knock your socks off.

Very special thanks to my spiritual advisor and occasional co-pilot- Mr. Chet Helms. And yes, it's all true, Chet imported the then unknown Janis Joplin up from Texas and brought her together with Big Brother and the Holding Company. He helped found The Family Dog and inspired the creation of the now classic and valued psychedelic Rock posters from the Avalon Ballroom.

Tip of the hat, a laurel and hardy handshake to Mr. Lee Houskeeper of San Francisco Stories. Lee has lived some kind of life and has probably forgotten more than most of us will ever experience. The best Public Relations man in the business.

Applause sign ON for that diamond in the sky Mr. Steve Sodokoff and maker of magic in all things musical, the Punmaster himself, Mr. David Gross.

Hats off and three cheeers to the "can do" crew at StudioZ Gallery! This wouldn't happen without you.

Photos of the opening night by Jon of Studio Z


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