October 24, 2011


Paris in the Springtime:
Collaborating with Manish Arora- creative director of the womenswear collection of the French fashion house Paco Rabanne, I’m delighted to have one of my classic 60’s pieces headed toward the runway during Paris Fashion Week this Spring (in 10 variations.)

From Paris Girl Couture Magazine-
“Manish Arora certainly has his hands full, he showcased his eponymous S/S 2012 label this past Thursday, and presented his first collection at Paco Rabanne today. The Indian designer known for his avant-garde, kaleidoscopic pieces, decided to go with a more subdued look this season in hopes of offering a more believable and effortless line. Inspired by the 60’s “joie de vivre” or “joy of life” era, Arora sent his futuristic interpretation of this time period down the catwalk.

Though the colors were certainly toned down, there was barely a surface that did not have sequins, cross-stitchings, embroidery, fringes, feathers or some kind of embellishment. Prints were an essential part of the collection [in collaboration with] iconic photographer Robert Altman. Arora also unveiled a new line of jeans produced in collaboration with French premium denim brand Notify that ranged from florescent hues to psychedelic prints.”



The original print

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