Some of my 'Friends' on Facebook

March. 11, 2009

What is Facebook? Where is Facebook? Do I want Facebook?. Do you want me? Do I want you?

So I joined Facebook 2 months ago and I notice I'm not into collecting as many 'friends' as possible as some do. Still, I am gregarious if nothing else and I am getting up there anyway in numbers of friends. There are a few 'names' now on my FB list who I really do not know, but then, I've always been in awe of talent.

I find that Facebook is quite a social phenomenon... the good, the bad and the unruly. I wonder how much it will replace this area of my website? For me it's like reading the local social pages of a small town newspaper. Except that I know everyone in all the items. I quite like it. I can see why newspapers might be in jeopardy.

OK... I have a bad case of FB. A Jones. FB addict. Jeesh.

The gang's all here --> identified and tagged

May 10th


After seeking the consul of my older brother-in-arms, photographer Baron Wolman, we've decided that I had an "agenda" that includes reaching out ( i.e. my NY exhibits) and that I would confirm and include many more 'friends.' So I have and there you go.


Been on a business holiday for two months near Boca in Florida. Working and presenting for 4 days at FotoFusion with the Palm Beach Photo Center and then onto this fab new theatre at the Delray Beach Public Library at Hagen Ranch Road.

A few interesting things coming up this Spring but more on that later.



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