Photo- The Queen Mary 2
Photo- Robert Altman - © 2007

The Queen Mary 2


      February 5 ,2007

The Queen Mary 2 is the largest ship that has ever docked in San Francisco.

How large? It is so colossal that it cannot wedge through the Panama Canal. It must sail beneath the tip of South America to reach our shores. The Media beat the drums... "The Ship is coming. The Ship is coming!" Way too many of us, including les gentrie des blasé, flocked and perched on each dune with a view. I understand it was all worth it. Long live the Queen.

Where was I? Just try and pry me from the Superbowl pouring out in Hi-Def. You can't TiVo a sports denouement. Not sporting, is it?

I, hipper then thou , bought said hype anyway and set off for a midnight probe. Pretty impressive. Reminded me of a sojourn to Hawaii as Ship's Photographer. The Matson Line's Monterey it was...but that's another fish story.


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