Photo: Barbara Holden Lamble hugging her friend- The Tree
Photo- Robert Altman - © 2006

Barbara Holden Lamble

Hugs her friend-Tree 

      December 25, 2006

"Whenareyagonna put my picture up?"

This has been a running gag for years. A lot of my friends wind up on this site. Most don't object and I'd like to think they're actually pleased.

Barb is my "Gumbah" in feminine form, definitely not my "Goomah." She holds the lofty position of Curator for our own upcoming Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in San Francisco- a division of Music City.

She is one of the greats and I love her dearly and she knows the lyrics to every song ever written.

I might mention a few interesting items and upcoming projects.

  • I am preparing a new presentation...can we call it "An Evening With...?" I have finally tranistited from the analog world- Kodak Carousel slides to the magic of digital. I've just taught myself PowerPoint and I'm lovin' it. Please join me in San Francisco May 17, 2007, sponsored by The Learning Annex. More info soon.

  • A Book! A book of my work is long overdue and it looks like we've found a wonderful publisher. 'Nuf said until the signatures are dry...but we are hoping for a release this Fall in 2007.

  • This has been a good year for book covers...I've had 3...there's mention on my CV page.

  • My work has been collected by a few notables this year including the great Chip Monck and the amazing Penn Gillette of Penn and Teller fame.

  • I was quite flattered to be featured in The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon's programme for Pericles and The Winter's Tale. My photo appeared opposite my mentor Henri Cartier Bresson. How sweet it 'tis.

Happy Holiday all !


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