Photo- Ray and Rumi -The Cockettes

Ray and Rumi

photo- Rumi and Johnny

Rumi and Johnny

photo- Dusty Dawn and Ocean

Dusty Dawn and Ocean

photo- Scrumbly


Photo- Gone With the Showboat to Oaklahoma -The Cockettes

Gone With the Showboat to Oklahoma - 1969

Photo- Koelle -The Cockettes


photo- Sylvester


Photo-  Link Martin and John Flowers  -The Cockettes

Link Martin and John Flowers

Photo- Tina and Robert  -The Cockettes

Tina and Robert (That's me with the camera)

Photo- Harlow -The Cockettes


Photo- Dress Pants -The Cockettes


Photo- Cockette Breakfast

Breakfast with the Cockettes - Bush Street house

Photo- Hibiscus - The Cockettes

Hibiscus ~ Golden Gate Park - April 1969

The Cockettes Web Site

My column on opening night

Moon Trent's Cockette website

Sweet Pam's Website

Please note that all of these photographs are Copyright © 2002 Robert Altman, All Rights Reserved. They are made available for your personal enjoyment only. Any other use without the express, prior written consent of Robert Altman is strictly prohibited.

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