Gallery E

Sixties: The Players

from the Archives of 1995 Robert Altman

[Picture of Ceasar Chavez]

Ceasar Chavez

Photo of Ken Kesey

Ken Kesey at home, Springfield, Ore. 1971

Key-Z Productions Home Page

[Picture of Timothy Leary]

Timothy Leary

At his home in Berkeley, CA ~ June 17, 1969

Here is another separate page with 8 more photos of or relating to Tim Leary.

Timothy Leary's Home Page

[Picture of Baba Ram Dass (Richard Alpert)]

Baba Ram Dass (Richard Alpert) Web site

Here's a recent photo of your web host taken with Ram Dass- Oct. 2000.

The Official Ram Dass Web Site

News Article: Stroke Teaches Ram Dass Anew to `Be Here Now'

Dennis Hopper]

Dennis Hopper




The motorcycles (or more precisely choppers) used in Easy Rider made a great impact on the world of motorcycling. The "Captain America" chopper used in the movie is not your usual Title Max loan ready motorcycle. It was custom made for the film, and in 2014 became the most expensive motorcycle in the world when it was sold at auction for $1.35 million. Most Title Max reps would be surprised that any motorcycle, even such an iconic one, could fetch such a price at auction.


[Peter Fonda]

Peter Fonda ~ July 1969

Jane Fonda]

Jane Fonda

B/W Photo Bob Fass of WBAI, NYC and Abbie Hoffman in the radio control room]

Bob Fass and Abbie Hoffman

Radio Unnameable at WBAI FM, NYC, where a lot of this began - March,1968

"When speaking today to those who listened to Bob Fass regularly throughout the '60s, one can sense an almost spiritual reverence that they still hold for Radio Unnameable. Before the cultural explosion of the mid-1960s- before listening to Radio Unnameable became a ritual shared by the city's counterculture community- those who discovered Fass felt as if they had untapped a passageway into a magical world, and many instantaneously became religious Radio Unnameable devotees."

[Picture ofJulian Beck, The Living Theatre]

Julian Beck, Founder of The Living Theatre

San Francisco Tour ~ March 1969

The Living Theatre Net Site

] More 60's: The People

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