The Sixties

from the Archives of 1999 Robert Altman

"The Sixties were an amazing time where the rules of social behaviour were being rewritten for the following generations. The straight world no longer dictated how we were supposed to conduct our lives."

Ken Babbs

[Picture of New Mexico Farmers]

Taos, NM ~ July 1969

[Picture of 3 men chanting Om]


Central Park, New York June,1967

[Dancing Hippies]

The First Rave

[Girl Dancing]

[Picture of Drop Acid Not Bombs sign at anti War March]

[Picture of a

Black Panther Rally

The Federal Building, San Francisco ~ May 1, 1969

[Picture of a Finger to a 60's  Uncle Sam, 1969]


May 24, 1969 ~ Haight Street, San Francisco, CA

[Picture of 60's Berkeley Confrontation 1969]

The People's Park Riot - Prelude-

Berkeley, CA ~ May 15, 1969

[Picture of Anti War Confronting The Army at the Pentagon,Oct. 1968 ]

Confrontation at the Pentagon, Oct. 1967

Hare Krishners 1969]

Harvey Kirshner

Golden Gate Park ~ July 24, 1969

Ratha Yatra Parade

If you visit San Francisco today you can still experience the feel of the 60's on bus tours or walking tours of Haight-Ashbury.
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