'Classic Rock' Photography

from the Archives of Robert Altman © 2002

[Photo: Mick Jagger ]

Mick Jagger

    Surprise Pic of Mick & Keith recording "Gimmie Shelter"

    Surprise Production Pic of "Let It Bleed" Electra Session

    Surprise Pic from "Altamont"

    Surprise Color Pic of Mick

    Surprise Portrait of Keith Richards

    Surprise Pic of Keith Richards

    Surprise Pic Mick performing

    Surprise Pic Mick performing again

    Surprise Pic of Charlie Watts and Mick Taylor

    Surprise Pic of Bill Wyman

    Surprise Pic of Mick

    Surprise Pic of Charlie Watts

  The Rolling Stones Web Site

[Photo: Jim Morrison]

Jim Morrisson

The Fillmore East - April,1968

The 'Official' Doors Web Site

[Photo: Jerry Garcia]

Jerry Garcia

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco ~ May 7, 1969

The Official Grateful Dead WebSite

My Favorite Grateful Dead Web Site

[Photo:Janis Joplin]

Janis Joplin

With Big Brother & The Holding Company
The Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco ~ August 1968

Janis Joplin World Wide Web Site

Janis Joplin's death in 1970 due to substance abuse was a great loss for music fans. Even today many musicians struggle with drug and alcohol addiction although there are a large number of California or Florida rehab centers where they could seek treatment.

Photo:Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana

At Altamont Speedway ~ December 1969

The Official Carlos Santana Website

[Photo: Elton John]

Elton John

San Francisco Civic Center - May 5, 1971

Elton Website

More Musical Photos

Please note that all of these photographs are Copyright © 2002 Robert Altman, All Rights Reserved. They are made available for your personal enjoyment only. Any other use without the express, prior written consent of Robert Altman is strictly prohibited.

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