Mimi Fariña and Robert Altman
At an AASK Childrens Benefit- The Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco- 1984

Mimi Fariña     April 30, 1945 - July 18, 2001

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July 18, 2001

This week Mimi asked those closest to her for permission to let go. She was now ready. Then she ceased taking nourishment.

Mimi Fariña passed over today.

The following is a personal letter I recently wrote to Mimi. I feel it's now ok to share it. Mine is but one of many, many missives that poured in and were read to her in recent weeks.

Dear Mimi:

God- I miss seeing you.

I first met you when you were with living with Milan and we interviewed you at your Alta Street cottage. Must have been for an early Rolling Stone edition. Not long after I met you again at Big Sur, I think you were getting married that day. Would you believe I developed a big gooey high school crush on you then!... a newlywed no less. Can you imagine? Talk about chutzbah!

Years later I campaigned to know you better and you let me volunteer my photographic services. It was though all the work that we became friends. At first you thought it might have been your sister Joanie (Baez) I was really sideling next to- but that was never even close. It was always, always you.

Sometimes you made me laugh so much I peed...and always at the oddest moments. You could don a zany face just when proper etiquette was in order. I loved it when you added monkeyshine to some impossible situation we were going through. At San Quentin, my first time, I was really nervous being up close and personal with the inmate population. I turned to you like Mommy and in a heartbeat you allayed my fears and I had one of the great days of my life.

Some favorite personal memories with you....the Magic Show and dinner at the Mansion Hotel;   we once took a photo together at the De Bolts children's benefit and you tied a scarf around both of us- no one ever did anything like that;   the day you were so busy at a volunteer celebration at Delancey St, yet you spotted my melancholy through the crowd even though I tried to mask it (that was so thoughtful!) ;   another time I was sitting right between you and Maria Muldaur on some pew before show time at the Women's Prison. You guys warmed and warbled your collective pipes- my ears in the middle... talk about stereo! ;   and most poignant- the day we shared our thoughts, fears and dreams on a long, long bus ride home.

Errrrr....then there was the evening I watched you from across the room at the Enrico opening, I think Coppola was promising you some Rubicon wine for a B&R benefit. This time I fell truly, madly and deeply in love with you. Of course I would never lay that on a friend...you had a special fella and I just turned all that moon glow into working even harder with you...that is after the three months I needed to recover my beguiled heart.

What can I say dear, sweet Mimi. You are my shining star. You are so very, very special to me. I love you angel and that's forever.


A letter from Jeanne Bogardus- Mimi's final contact point to all her friends.

Dear Friends:

Our dear friend and colleague Mimi died early this morning. She passed away at home, surrounded by her family. Mimi's strength had been fading rapidly in the last few days. Your many messages were read to her daily, and she acknowledged the support she felt from the love and prayers.

A memorial service for Mimi will be held at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco on Tuesday, August 7 at 11AM.

FYI: Cards and messages to Mimi's family are most welcome-

c/o Bread &Roses
233 Tamalpais Drive, Suite 100
Corte Madera, CA 94925.

In addition, messages can be posted on the agency website at http://www.breadandroses.org There is a bulletin board on the site that you can access through the Mimi Fariña Tribute page.

Thanks to all of you for your kind words and notes. It has been a comfort to me to be able to send out these updates and messages from Mimi and then from family over the past year in the book which contains all the messages and emails you have sent these past weeks.

A sad day for us all. From the family, their heartfelt thanks. You have all been a tremendous comfort.

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