Chelle Rogers and Gypsy at Castalia Llamas

Friday, September 8, 1995

San Juan Island

Machelle Rogers is proof positive that spending inordinate amounts of time in front of a computer does not necessarily make one anti-social.

Chelle (pronounced Shelly) and I met on-line. I first stumbled across her warm and innovative Website Chelle's Cozy Corner and was intrigued. A month or so later I received an "out of the blue" invitation to be interviewed for her online column "Inner Views." It turned out that Chelle's long lost cousin Mike Walton is our Lab Manager at CEA and he introduced her to my Website. After a laughable series of Email mishaps (I believe I tried at least six times to lob over a simple EMail file) we finally got our act together.
Chelle offhandedly invited me up to her Pacific Northwest island Paradise where she raises llamas. I was intrigued but thought I'd never have the time. Well lo and behold I took the time for a short Holiday and found myself on a ferry to Friday Harbor, San Juan Island.

Chelle and I became fast friends with over a million shared points of reference. In other words, we hit it off. She is a dear sweet soul who has packed more in one lifetime than, well I won't go into details. Here is another snapshot our stay at San Juan.

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