Beaver Cleaver: Vice President of Marketing

Saturday, September 30, 1995

Beaver Cleaver, Vice President of Marketing?

Somehow I can't quite squeeze that image into my poor little brain but it's true, at least it is for Beaver's real life persona Jerry Mathers. Yes folks, the forever saccharine and dearly ingratiating Jerry Mathers has gone corporate. Jerry loves to chat and goes on "automatic share" spinning yarns from his child acting youth. (For those of you who grew up outside the Colonies, Jerry starred in the wildly popular American TV show "Leave it to Beaver in the 1960's.)

Knowing he'd be a huge draw, TDI Inc. or Triton Digital Imaging Systems made "The Beave" their national cheerleader. Jerry also appears on the Tonight Show every two weeks or so. He's the new foil for host Jay Leno. His biggest fan is Heavyweight Champ George Forman who was genuinely thrilled to meet him a few weeks ago on national television. Jerry is tickled that TDI lets him continue acting as well. They'd be crazy not to.

Hmmm, I sound like a third rate Hollywood columnist. And speaking of 'Hollyrude,' why not go on to the next page.

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