Television host Richard Hart

Saturday, September 23, 1995

When it comes to possessing an up-to-the-moment cutting edge gizmo you cannot top Richard Hart. Don't even bother. Unhappily I tried.

Richard and I attended the "Launch 96" dinner hosted by SBT Accounting Systems. I, the Public Relations photographer and Richard the keynote guest speaker at the SBT Reseller Conference, an annual gathering of the SBT VARs- Vertical Application Resellers.

Richard is the host of The Discovery Channel's popular series- The Next Step. In addition he has just launched c|net - the hippest of the hip in television shows about the Web. In a vain attempt to impress him I whipped out my new toy- a "filmless digital camera!" Boy, I was sure I was still the first on my block to own the coolest, newfangle-est darned digital camera you ever saw. Impress him?


Richard casually glanced at my 'antique' and with a slight rise says "Oh, the Kodak Digital 40." He reaches to open a small box and out pops the Dycam Model 10. Not only does it cost less then my 4 month old Kodak but Richard's week old camera already does twice as much: the option of a 35 to 140 mm through the viewer zoom lens; aperture control and  a removable on-the-fly hard disk memory card.

Gee, thanks a lot Richard.


*Note: To see more photos of the event go to Tatia's Page. Tatia (pronounced Tasha) Wieland-Garcia's photos were taken by her trés cool Casio LCD Digital Camera (QV-10.)

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