Margo St. James

New! Photos from the ball!

Thursday, September 21, 1995

I must tell you I absolutely adore Margo St. James. Always have. In fact Margo was responsible for introducing me to the then future ex Mrs.Robert Altman, but that's another story. Tonight we celebrated her birthday outdoors by the bay listening to a great jazz/blues band at The Pier 23 Cafe.

Margo is a beloved "institution" in San Francisco, second only to our "World's Greatest Three Dot Columnist" Herb Caen. Her organization  C O Y O T E  (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics) is a union supporting the lives and rights of sexual services workingwomen and men, widely known as 'prostitutes.' After living in Southern France for a decade she has returned to us and not wasting a moment has already launched her election campaign for San Francisco Supervisor.

Margo has also re inaugurated the great Hookers' Ball at the San Francisco Galleria Center on Saturday October 28. Call Bass in the USA for tickets and information: 1-510-762-2277. For further information please call 1-510-869-5030.

From my scrapbook: The Hookers' Ball 1979
Can you spot my ex wife?   Anája is the babe in pearls...still a great friend.

Now get ye to The Hookers' Ball Website ...and don't be shy.

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