The Live Web Broadcast of the Mermen

Seated behind the screen- the inimitable Jon Luini.


Saturday, October 21, 1995

The Great American Musical Hall

I am participating as a digital photographer with MediaCast launching a truly virtual nightclub for net surfers around the globe. Tonight is the first in an ongoing series of live broadcasts over the Internet featuring the hottest bands. Tonight we hear the Mermen and their radically intelligent surf sounds.

These "netcasts" include real-time audio; video, and digitally-produced still photographs which are available for downloading from the Internet and World Wide Web according to each users' technological capabilities. MediaCast is a collaboration between Media Synergy and Outcast . The goal is to bring musical performances from the most desirable venues for world wide distribution across the internet.

Information began appearing in the afternoon, starting with QuickTime interview clips until the Mermen took the stage as the MBONE and CU-SeeMe broadcasts went live. At that time, the Outcast page also included a link to the Living Web Page -- updated as the show progressed.

Media Synergy merged it's experience (recording over 300 live music events) with Outcast (whose members feature a founding member of the Internet Underground Music Archive, (I.U.M.A.) and Addicted To Noise Magazine.

These are the pioneer days in the emerging field of multicast broadcasting over the Internet. Truly, truly kewl stuff in our brave new world.

Much, much more truth and wisdom ...

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