Thumbs Up Live TV

Hosts Katrine Massey and Jennifer Rosevear surround Author Laura Lemay

Thursday, November 30, 1995

Thumbs Up Live TV is fascinating local fare (read fanfare) sporting nubile net newbie co-hostesses Katrine Massey and Jennifer Rosevear. T U L is a calliope broadcast accenting the very coolest Multi-Mediia out there. You'll find these two lovlies happily heralding CD-ROMs that "scream" as well as "wot's doin'" on the World Wide Web. Tonight's show completed their first successful ten week run. Plans for next season include a greatly expanded format which might stretch the view time from the present half hour to three full hours of "live" multi-media fun and games. Now that's a stretch.

Tonight's Thumbs Up showcased my friend Laura Lemay who will also guest lecture at the "Wizards of the Web" event I am co-producing next week at the Yerba Buena Gardens' Center for the Arts.

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