Rocky Mullin and Bryna Bank at the Cyborganic TND

Thursday, November 2, 1995

Tonight's TND (Thursday Night Dinner) theme is triangular food and, yes drink (someone brought a triangular bottle of scotch.) Each week the TND has a guest chef who is inspired by a particular theme. Thus mirth, culinary contributions and elbow grease flow. Conceived by Jonathan Steuer, this evening's din din was sliced and diced by the loving touch of the good folks of Organic Online.

So now you ask "Just what is a Cyborganic?"

"Cyborganic: An electronic community needs a real-life vector the way any toddler needs its parent. Cyborganic establishes a real space for members of its community to meet and interact -- a flesh and blood back-channel to its community-building efforts in cyberspace. Not exclusive, but not for everyone, Cyborganic provides its members a virtual home and a realtime hangout."

(Thanks to Jenny Cool and Cyborganic for letting me sup well and paraphrase.)

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