David Siegel and Laura Lemay

Wednesday, December 6, 1995

Years ago when I was a neophyte in college my heroes were philosophers, writers, a shaman or two and of course the gods of music. One of the many perks I experienced working for Rolling Stone was meeting some of these paladins. Today I am intensely focused on the World Wide Web and I look to my heroes again, only they're from a different strain. David Siegel and Laura Lemay are two such heroes.

Tonight I presented Laura Lemay at our "Wizards of the Web" series held at the tony new auditorium at the Center for the Arts at Yerba Buena Gardens. Judging by the heartfelt applause at the end of the evening, it was a great success.

Laura and David seem to have opposite HTML philosophies. In the well chosen words of my fellow "Cybernaut" Andy Thornley " I never realized how standards-minded (by which I mean respectful of the core principles of HTML, hrm) Laura is -- Robert mentioned that David Siegel was in the room somewhere but was leaving soon -- now I know why -- it could have gotten rough. Anyhow, Siegel is back for the final talk next week, with his side of the story."

Actually David ducked next door to the Museum of Modern Art to receive an award from Multimedia Producer Magazine.

In David's own words next week we shall "Thrill to breathtaking HTML stunts, watch guerrilla web-site design in real time, get a designer's-eye-view of the Web and learn the innermost secrets of one of the Web's most innovative designers...." I don't doubt it. If you follow his weekly journal you know that David could also win the award for "the daring baring of all" and I don't mean HTML Skippy.

By the way, you might notice that the background in the above photograph is a combination of graphics which came from both David and Laura's Websites. They are a representative part of each personality.

Still on my agenda for this week are two Web broadcasts with a new company I am part of called Media Cast. I hope to continue adding my digital photography talents to the mix. Check it out.

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