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2008 Update !   John's alter ego- Joe Silverhound just rode into CD Baby and has released 2 of his CDs. You can have a taste gratis or pick up your own .mp3 or CD. He's really gifted and it says "if you like Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen or Don Henley" you'll dig Silverhound. I'd add Willie Nelson and Chris Kristofferson to that list. -->

August 17, 1995
Page updated Nov. 1998
San Francisco

Writer John Martel at Stacey's Books holding his new novel "Conflicts of Interest."

I first met John Martel at a whirlwind wedding in Las Vegas during the mid seventies. We had a mutual friend Richard who was a brilliant attorney and a spirited "high roller."
Now Richard might win or lose several hundred thousand dollars in a long evening and all I remember about Richard's bride that night was that she was blonde and attractive. The story was that they met at a singles "Fern" bar in San Francisco where she proceeded to show him how she could tie a maraschino cherry stem into a knot with her tongue. The poor lad was 'nailed.' But I divagate.

John is a trial lawyer who also composes, plays wicked keyboard and warbles his own material in the guise of his alter ego, a smoky voiced singer, name of Joe Silverhound. The "Hound" was going to LA to record and needed pictures. Thus began our friendship.

John is that rare creature, a wunderkind if ever there was one. He is the true Renaissance Man whose accomplishments include...

He is also a dear soul, a great dresser, been my attorney and advisor on occasion and I would like to think of him as my friend.

Oh yes...he's also serving as a consultant to the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office in the prosecution of the O.J. Simpson case and the retrial of the Erik and Lyle Menendez.


My photo of John for his first novel.

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