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"Self-indulgence is what the World Wide Web is all about."

Tuesday, August 15, 1995

Dinner tonight with Web author and "bitchy vampiric technogoth" Laura Lemay , Art Director Kimberly Fisher and "Cool Site of the Day" Illustrator and WebMistress Diane Fenster. It's incredible that everyone surrounding me tonight has their own phenomenal Website. (Kimberly is also getting ready to launch an amazing one which will include a plethora of historic Rock and Jazz photos, but for the moment it is under wraps.)
* Update...Oooo Kaaay..time to unwrap it...Jim Marshall's "The Gods of Music" Website!

Laura has just published her second book "More, Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in a week." Her last book was so popular that finding a Zip drive (still an impossibility) was easier than obtaining a copy of her much sought after book.

Her first book on HTML " T Y W P W H T M L I A W " is already considered the de facto 'Bible' on Web presentation authoring. Laura's next tome is about Hot Java , dazzling new software which will initiate the next quantum leap in Web magic. Go Laura!

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