City Hall from the Opera's Carriage Entrance

Thursday, August 3, 1995

Part of my weekly routine is to shake out the cobwebs and jog a few miles. Since I am no longer in love with the pure physical act of running itself and see absolutely no sense in doing this on a stationery exercise machine in some tony (toe knee) club, I try to make this tortured act as pleasant as possible.

The first thing I do is to don headphones and listen to the most treasured high steppin' music I can lay my hands on. One of my specialties is creating great music cassettes loaded with upbeat gems. (My friend Bobby Slayton says he always wondered what joggers with headphones were listening to and he supposed their tapes were saying "Left. Right. Left. Right.")

The second area I like to improve is what I actually see on my run. I can do this with clear conscience because I am a professional photographer, an 'artiste' you know. I have been using what is probably the most glamorous running track of all time- The Carriage Entrance to the San Francisco Opera, built a hundred years ago and designed with France's Champs E'lysée in mind.

Left. Right. Left. Right.

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