Photo: Grace Slick 1998
© 1998 Photo: Robert Altman

Grace Slick

September 26, 1998
San Francisco, CA

Maybe it's generational, maybe not, but I have always been fascinated by Grace. OK, all right...who hasn't?

So, what did I learn in school today as our Miss Slick plugged her new tome?

UPDATE: March 3, 1999...The Jefferson Airplane were honored with a permanent plaque in front of San Francisco's Bill Graham Auditorium today. Band participants included Paul Kantner, Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady and Spense Ddyden.

Noticeably missing were lead singers Grace Slick and Marty Balin.

Paul Kantner: "What's the difference between God and a lead singer?

God knows he's not a lead singer."


Here's one of my favorite photos of Grace

Photo of Grace Slick, 1968

...from my archives circa 1968

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