1970 Anti War photo from the book- The American Century
© 1998 Photo: Robert Altman

1970 Anti War Demonstration

From the new book The American Century by Harold Evans

November 8, 1998
San Francisco, CA

Some of us are blessed (or cursed?) with a calling in life.

I am one of the fortunate to have known mine.

Long ago, the Sixties (1966 - 1974) consumed my life. Without going into rapture itself reminiscing about those times, suffice it to say I knew then that I was meant to record the wonder of it all.

That was my job. Whether I was hired or not.

Book Cover - The American Century by Harold Evans So it is always a great pleasure when some of that work is acknowledged and shared with the world. Recently, finally, after 12 years, that's right twelve years, Harold Evans has published his great treatise The American Century. The above photo was chosen for a double page spread and is also now appearing on Madison Avenue's press photography gallery in New York City- The NEWSEUM.

My participation with this work actually set a personal record. The first contact I had with photo curator Gail Buckland was in 1993. After I sent the photograph off I never heard back and I assumed the project evaporated. I was astonished to get a call five years later informing me the book was ready for publication. Worth the wait I might add.

Congratulations Harold! Your tome was the number one best seller at Amazon Books last week. Senator Patrick Moynihan reported seeing a well thumbed copy on the President's desk.

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