George Michalski and Barbara Liu

Pianist George Michalski and Artist/Model Barbara Liu

June 6,1998
San Francisco, CA

For months and months a number of my high steppin' chums have been talking about the new Monday night 'scene' at the Cypress Club.

My friend George is their Monday night "Piano Man." Composer, pianist and musical director for "Nash Bridges," George Michalski, has been holding court therein whilst serenading and amusing some of his very best friends.

I finally made it over on (what I was told was) a slow night, and had the time of my life. Among other revelers floating from and toward our table-

I understand that when "Nash Bridges" is in production Don Johnson also joins the merrymaking. That is, the pre-nuptialiated Don Johnson. The dear lad's about to take the plunge... one more time.

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