Hershel-Weekend Cover-The Scotsman Magazine
©Photo:1998-Robert Altman

A Tale of Two Cities


How I learned the joys of simple attachments
and learned to stop worrying about stuffing it.

August 2,1998
Glascow, Scotland
and San Francisco,CA

Oh my...I've been MIP (missing in publishing) again. Moi.

My mentor Stan Osborne writes "My Week?" Perhaps you should rename these pages to "Once A Month"? :-)

How about "Once A Month...or so"

Anyhoooo...On Tuesday I received this from Scotland..

D.G.: Urgent (ish)

David Gray here, design editor at The Scotsman newspaper's WeekEnd magazine in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Just a quick note, after viewing the excellent photos on the website - are they for sale for one-use magazine purposes? We're doing a summer of love article over four pages and a cover this coming Saturday, and though I've lots of great pix of San Francisco, I don't have anything even close the marvellous Sixties images I've just seen. I know it's short notice (I'd have to have any images by email or ISDN no later than Thurs am UK-time) but if it's at all possible, I'd love to have a couple, one for the magazine cover for sure.

If it helps, we're an award-winning colour mag, and NEVER butcher or crop pics!!!

If you don't get a chance to email, then it was nice to see the photos anyway,though it means I've been spoiled and won't be happy with anything not as good!

All the best

David Gray

RMA: Re: Urgent (ish)

Dear David:

Re: are they for sale? Indeed they are.

Bless you and what great taste you have! Thanks again for the warm words and interest.

Most sincerely yours,

Robert Altman

D.G.: What a nerve!

Robert, As it's going-home time in sunny Scotland, please forgive me sending this presumptious list of images and such-...

If it's email you have the address and anything that I can open on photoshop will be great, JPEG, TIFF, whatever, the bigger the better. If it's a cover or full page it's 35 cm deep by about 27 wide and if a spread, a deal larger.

If ISDN it's Foresight manager (is that the spelling?) on 0131 556 5379 (dont know the overseas bit from where you are, sorry), and don't send in a folder. but as individual images.

thanks for your (at least initial) enthusiasm and help!



RMA: Re: What a nerve!

Dear David:

OK....I'll need a bit of time to process your order. I think TIFF is what you want as JPEG is compressed, great for the web but not for printing. This may not happen till tomorrow.

Also, I'll use the Internet's EMail. (3 large files "stuffed/compressed" in a folder as a Mac Binary.) These will be megabytes of stuff.



D.G.: Aaaaaargh!

Robert - disaster!!!!!

Our egg-headed technical boffins here have only now told me they need it sent as a "uuencoded file" attached to the email - thanks to their incompetence all i got was about 30 pages of gibberish. They have, of course, been stripped naked and driven out into the biting cold of a Scottish summer, to take their chances with the wolves and the tigers - such is justice.

This being the case, is there possibly any chance you could send them as attachments please?

if this is too much hassle, I understand - if not, I'm even more in your debt



RMA: Re: aaaaaargh!

Dear David:

Aye. Aaaaaargh indeed.

We sent it as a "stuffed" self extracting file. If you have StuffIt Expander, that should do it. But I suspect that things are more complicated than that. I probably cannot get to this until 2 PM San Francisco time today.

We'll do our best to comply. OK with you?

Oh...and do bring those poor brethren back from the biting cold of your Scottish summer, much like ours I suspect where your coldest winter is like a summer here in Ess Eff.

We'll be on it, but do get some rest.

Jusqu' alors,


D.G.: Aw no!


I'm utterly dejected that it didn't work again - so much for our computer boffins being allowed in from the cold.

Time is against us, now, but if you, from where you are, wanted to send one for our cover - the Uncle Same poster with the finger - can you just save it in Photoshop document, any format on a Mac, and send as attachment, please?

If not, then many, many thanks for all your efforts and please send me the bill for the transmission charges etc - it's the least I can do after all your kind efforts.

I hope we can do business in the future - it's been as much a pleasure dealing with you as it was seeing your photos for the first time.



And finally..after much rending of clothes and hair...

D.G.: Good day to you, sir


It worked!!!!! How can I ever thank you? (aside from a modest trickle of dollars into your account, that it)

Are there more on the way?

Got it, Robert - hopefully a cover for sure!!!!!!

RMA:   My Tale is told.

...and we lived happily...for a few more minutes!

P.S.   Wanna see the cover they almost used?   ClicK HERE

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