Last Gasp Publisher Ron Turner and Gigi

Ron Turner inspects 'The Book'

Last Gasp publisher Ron Turner (seated) and Double Play owner Gigi

September 14, 1997
San Francisco, CA

This has been one sedulous year: gratefully more than a few photo gigs have come this way; our new computer business has taken off and on top of that I teach Web design and HTML at two universities and a digital art center.

So why have I decided to launch my book at this time? It's time, that's all.

Ron Turner, President of Last Gasp Publishing is pictured here at the famed Double Play Restaurant in San Francisco perusing some of my very best photojournalist work from the Sixties, the heart of the book. Ron will be an advisor and possible contender for the rights to publish.

We are in the beginnings of the search process to find the right publishing house so if you are or know that entity, please make contact -->

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