Janet Shahan, Mark Milan, Andi Valo and your host

October 10,1997
San Francisco, CA

Happy birthday to me! Thank you, thank you.

These are some of my favorite friends. Janet Shahan is a devastatingly sharp CPA here in town. I won't embarrass her and mention some of her clients, who are household names. When she finishes keeping their finances in order they are free to spend the cash she just saved them on custom tailoring at Andi's Union Square shop- Andrea di Soci.

Mark is my gumbah from way back and was my associate publisher in the eighties when I worked for San Francisco magazine. Here's a great story of Mark, myself and Kirstie Allie.

This photo was taken a few weeks ago at a photo exhibit opening (those are some of my photographs on the wall.) You'll learn more about it on the next click through.

Hey, Sunday is The 30th Anniversary Summer Of Love Celebration! See you there!

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