Group Photo  Robert Altman, Bob Kingsbury and Baron Wolman ~ Friends of Photography exhibit...Summer of Love: Revolution & Evolution  ~   June 24,1997

(l-r)  Robert Altman, Bob Kingsbury and Baron Wolman

June 24,1997
San Francisco, CA

This photograph is very special to me.

Baron Wolman was the original Chief Photographer of Rolling Stone magazine. I am still uncertain why he decided to leave but he has certainly gone on to greater glory. Baron has had enormous success as both a magazine and book publisher as well as continuing to be a 'shooter' par excellence. He pilots his own plane (I am very jealous and am angling to go up with him soon) and makes his home in Marin County. A book of his work Classic Rock & other Rollers is celebrated and opens with one of my all time fave Jimmy Hendrix images.

The Baron Wolman Photography Website

Bob Kingsbury was the Art Director at Rolling Stone way back when. I was most fortunate to be invited aboard. Bob now concentrates on sculpture and is a dance aficionado. Oh yes, he once had a brother-in-law named Jann Wenner.

Why are we three reunited? I'm so gad you asked.

The Ansel Adams Center for Photography, arguably the most prestigious photo gallery/museum on the West Coast, has curated a new Friends of Photography exhibit...Summer of Love: Revolution & Evolution. We have Deborah Klochko, Acting Director and Stephanie Comer, Exhibitions Coordinator to thank for this extraordinary show.

The work of Baron and myself are among some wonderful pieces celebrating the monumental times the Sixties were.

Ansel Adams Center for Photography
250 4th Street
San Francisco, CA


June 25 through September 7, 1997

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