Group Photo 30 Years of Music Photography ~   June 20,1997

30 Years of Music Photography ~ The Shooters

Robert Altman
Chris Arnold
Jay Blakesberg
Clayton Cole
Henry Diltz
Christopher Felver
F-stop Fitzgerald
Ken Friedman
Herb Greene
Bob Gruen
Shaw Hazen
Christian Larson
Lisa Law
Richard McCaffrey
John McGuiness
Paul Natkin
Charles Peterson
Philin Phlash
Ebet Roberts
Jon Sievert
Tommy Scott
Baron Wolman
Michael Zagaris

June 20,1997
San Francisco, CA

30 years- the right amount of time between the epiphanies of youth and it's celebration.

And so it is that a round of events are occurring in the Bay area during the next few months, one of which is this colorful collection of music photography from a select group of national sharp shooters who hung with the groups and collected frozen mementos.

Billed as "30 Years of Music Photography...from the Dead to the Dead Kennedys" this group photo came from the exhibit's kickoff party. Here's the scoop if you'd care to drop in...and I think you should as I've never seen such a definitive show of original prints from this genre.

The ArtRock Gallery
1153 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA


June 20 thru August 9.

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