The Real Kramer

Kenny Kramer

January 28, 1997
New York City

May I introduce Kenny Kramer, the real Kramer upon whom the Michael Richards character on Seinfeld was based.

We recently met and discovered we had a lot in common including a riveting fascination with techno toys; we're both Bronx boys who happened to cavort at the very first Human Be-in with Abby Hoffman and Bob Fass (1967) at the New York International Airport .

I first ran across Kramer's atypical visage in Computer Currents magazine where Ken runs an ad extolling his Seinfeld based "Reality Tour." I am always on the lookout for exotic, off-beat diversion so this seemed perfect.

 We corresponded and since Kramer has his own web site we decided to hang out after his tour and talk turkey.

Now Ken used to live across the hall from Larry. Larry David was a comedian and became the co-creator of "Seinfeld" (George Costanza is based on him.) All the action that takes place in Jerry's apartment actually emanated from Kramer's exotic downtown pad. Still does.

Kramer mentioned that when he broke up with his girlfriend he confided to Larry that he really missed her Mac computer more than her own illustrious presence. The next morning a brand new Macintosh appeared at his door, compliments of the now fabulously successful Seinfeld exec producer. (Why don't I have friends like that across the hall?) In fact many of the sub-plots are based on true life Kenny Kramer stories. Oh yeah, he wouldn't let them use his first they went with Cosmo.

 Rob and Kramer

        Well, I could go on but why not let "The Real Kramer" tell you where it's at.

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