JHS 80

Junior High School # 80, The Bronx

January 26, 1997
The Bronx, New York

I grew up in New York. More specifically, I grew up on Mosholu Parkway, the Bronx. And one of the places I did a lot of growing up in was JHS 80.

In fact, this was also my elementary school , so I really went to this same school from kindergarten in 1949 until I graduated 6th grade in 1959, eleven years. (My kindergarten photo.)

There must have been something in the air for this particular Junior High School graduated more than a few remarkable beings. Among the select I grew up with (or very near)

The memories for so many of us were so great that in 1982 New York Magazine ran a feature story "The Parkway All-stars" about "80" which prompted several thousand of us to converge on the Parkway and celebrate our youth. Posters and t-shirts emerged. (I plan to add some photos soon from that great day.)

I also plan to grow this page into its own section and welcome material from all who shared the ride.

One of the reasons I took the trip at this time was to see some very special old neighborhood friends at Larry and Naomi Santora's New Year's Day Soireé. Here's some snapshots from that great get together.

Satellite photo: JHS 80 , The parkway



The second annual Bronx Reunion Picnic will be held at Burton Chace park in Marina del Rey. Starts at 10 am. There's going to be a free pops concert in the park that evening.

Contact: Doris Perlmutter dlpdoris@hotmail.com

Spread the word. Change the world.

FLORIDA REUNION: Saturday, March 9th, 9:00AM to 4:00PM at Ellies's 50's Diner in Delray Beach. Alumni from NY, NJ, CA and TX are coming too. JOIN US! Check out the list.

See --> http://www.geocities.com/jsrudich1/JHS_80_REUNION.html

* Note: The call has been heard.

Here are a few responses since this page went out into the ether...

Let's hear from you!


Your story brings back beautiful memories of my circle of friends from the late fifties and early sixties.

I read the samples of responses you include and I was in '80 when we changed the hit song "Mr Lee" to "Mr. Bean". The DeKalb Ave. clique tried to rule but in the end my friends, Helen Eisen, Susan Kluger, Brenda Fishman (who still is a best friend), Susan Grossman, Adele Stossman, were just the ones I wanted to be with. Ms. Jerusi was the best chorus teacher and I loved learning french with Mrs. Chase, history - Mr. Moss (who I met in Co-op City about ten years ago) and whatever happened to the Buckvar family?

I remember Steuben Ave. before Montifiore built across it and the David Marcus Theater was the place to be on Saturday's, followed by an Epstein's hot dog and french fries. If you can put me in contact with other's from this time it would be great. Brenda has been after me to pursue this for both of us. We would really like to know what ever happend to Helen Eisen, Viola Hankerman etc. Marc Hirsch, Alan Lichtenstein, Barton Grossman, John Debelis etc.

I graduated Evander in '63 and J.H.S. 80 in 1960. Do you remember the Kleinman's deli, Bernstein's photgraphy, The Greenwich Village Shop? I lived at 65 East Gun Hill Rd. People around the corner included Harold & Irene Satin (brother and sister). I was in Japan when the Mosholu Pkwy. reunion occurred but both Brenda and I heard about it after the fact. Her sister, Roberta Fishman used to be on Mosholu Pkwy. I did go to a reunion held in Queens about ten years ago.

Eva Lazaar nee Cohen.



I too grew up near Mosholu parkway and went to JHS 80. I graduated in 1951 and went to Clinton. I was part of one of the groups that organized the 1982 reunion. I had the t shirts made commemorating the event. Are you still searching for people and memorabilia?

I first lived on Hull Ave, right next to the Mosholu Jewish Center. We then moved to 3280 Rochambeau. If my memory is right, they lived right across the street.

I found you by just rambling thru the Internet. I input JHS 80, and you came up.

I will look thru my old "stuff" and see if I still have any memorabilia. I am still very friendly with Jerry Bond. His folks owned the candy store just off Jerome Ave.

You can certainly add my name to your list. I just retired and we moved to Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

I am doing some consulting and one of my clients is in Menlo Park.. Next time I get there, I'll call you--perhaps we can get together.

I had not heard of the 1984 reunion. But, I did hear that the first one triggered subsequent events.

Stay in touch and I will do the same.

Joel Rudich



I accidentally stumbled onto your web-site and was delighted to see people I knew...

I grew up on Gates Place in the Bronx (3450 to be exact)

I graduated from JHS 80 IN 1965 but my sister graduated in 1961 (Roberta Schulman).

The funny thing was that Larry S was my math tutor (and I had a huge crush on him) when I was in HS

I just wanted to let you know your web site brought back very fond memories. 80 still looks the same -- I wonder where Mr. Salant and Mrs. Thaler are now? One can only imagine.!! Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the walk down memory lane.


Wendy Newman (nee Schulman)


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