Group Photo   Robert Altman,Jim Marshall,  Baron Wolman and Chet Helms ~ Legends of the Sixties?

Legends of the Sixties?

(l-r)  Robert Altman, Jim Marshall, Baron Wolman and Chet Helms

August 14,1997
San Francisco, CA

This unholy recent gathering I've entitled "Legends of the Sixties?"

Each one of these gentleman seated with me has had "some kind of life." Each a colorful legend in their own right.

For more on these guys just click on their names...

A brief update on Jim Marshall would include a phenomenal new book of his Rock Photography and the opening exhibitions in five cities running from October through February 1998.

Chet is heading the 30th Anniversary of the Summer of Love gathering in San Francisco on October 12. He expects over 80,000 attendees to this event which Paul McCartney has just personally endorsed. Oh yeah, I am directing the website.

You'll learn more about Rolling Stone's original Chief Photographer Baron Wolman when you 'turn the page.'

I have the good fortune to find a new friend. Anita Hoffman is quite a woman and coincidentally belongs on this 60's persona page. Anita married Abbie Hoffman and bore his son America. She has last focused on being a rare books seller.

Here are some snapshots of a recent visit.

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