Photo of Ken Kesey, at the I Want to Take You Higher
1997 Robert Altman

Ken Kesey

Holding court at the Psychedelic Era Reunion Party

April 28, 1997
San Francisco

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum threw a kick off party at "The Fillmore" for an in depth exhibit examining the Psychedelic Era 1965-1969.

Tonight was like much like a High School reunion except for the music, which was much, much better. Legends took the stage:

Who could deny that this was a magical event, twilight notwithstanding.

Ken Kesey and the Pranksters turned up and will drive out to Ohio to donate their legendary bus "Further" to the museum.

P a r t y       P h o t o s from Le Scrapbook !

  Paul Kantner, Country Joe, Amy Coffman, Lee Housekeeper,
     Jay Blakesberg, Eric Christiansen & Allen Cohen

  Dan Hicks, Annie Sampson, Goldie Rush, Herb Gold, Jerry Pompilli
     Gene Anthony, Marliese Gabrielson and Camille Houston

  The Pranksters: Ken Kesey & Ken Babbs

  Marlene DuPont, Rebecca Nichols, Naomi Vice,
      Monica West, John Cassady , Sofia &Juke

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