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Composer, Entertainer Barbara Mauritz

* Note - Wednesday, March 19th, 2008. It grieves me to share that Barbara's only child, her beloved son Josh, was taken suddenly this evening by pneumonia. He was an otherwise healthy 37 year old man who loved and cared for his mother dearly.

YouTube:   Birth & Decline of the Sixties. Ode to Bill Graham & Lamb

[That's Enough Sound Byte by Barbara Mauritz ] "That's Enough" sound byte by Barbara Mauritz

September 8, 1996

Novato, CA

Barbara Mauritz has been my dear and sometimes intimate friend for many, many years as well as an extraordinary talent I have always revered. We shared lunch and got caught up this week in her hometown of Novato, CA.

Barbara is from Beaumont Texas and coincidentally left about the same time Janis Joplin did for the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been one of our greatest singer songwriters and according to the critics "possesses an immaculate voice rich in depth and range attributed to some of the great rhythm and blues artists, but the sophistication of her intonation puts her up there with the great jazz vocalists."

A prodigy from a music and artistic family that claims Gypsy blood, one of her tunes "River Boulevard" recorded by the Pointer Sisters went platinum. "The surprise find is a magnificent, moving down-home piano tune, 'River Boulevard,' by Barbara Mauritz." Wilson And Alroy's Record Reviews.

A few years ago Barbara suffered a tragic road accident which interrupted major label recording deals and an eight year management contract with Bill Graham's Fillmore Management and performances with such luminaries as Van Morrison, Crosby Stills and Nash and the Who.

She has thankfully recovered and continues to compose, record and perform once again and expects to have a new CD out soon. She is one of the sweetest and dearest people I know and I am lucky to count her as one of my friends.

Barbara Mauritz and Lamb

Barbara Mauritz and Lamb

1968, San Francisco

A Sign of Change, 1970
Fillmore Records
A Cross Between, 1971
Warner Brothers
Barbara Mauritz / Lamb
Bring Out the Sun, 1971
Warner Brothers
Barbara Mauritz
Music Box 1972 CBS Records
Barbara Mauritz, 1998
Give Me Half a Chance
City Life Records
(Not yet released)

Film appearance
Last Days of the Fillmore, 1972
20th Century Fox Film Corporation


Appeared on the 1974 Original Soundtrack album for
"Where The Lilies Bloom"
Columbia KE-32806

Photo of Lamb

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