Photograph of Bruce B. Brugmann-Publisher / Editor

Publisher / Editor Bruce B. Brugmann

October 3, 1996

30 hours in San Francisco

May I present one Bruce B. Brugmann.
B.B.B. ??? (obviously his folks had a sense of humor)

For three decades Mr. B. has felt-
Says so right on his masthead. His vehicle? The San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Tonight we joined him at the Art Explosion Gallery to auction off select pieces to benefit the Guardian Community Fund.

One of those pieces was my own and I thank 'gawd' someone had the good judgment and taste to procure my leetle contribution to the cause. That someone was attorney Monica Baum.

Last week we said fare thee well to two beloved co-workers at CEA Courtney and Sarah. There goes that ol' gang of mine. Sigh.

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