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Jerry Lewis

October 10, 1996

Okay, okay. The shot's hoaky. I know it. I know it. But...

When I was a kid of eleven and on through my sixteenth year in New York Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were absolutely the funniest, most hysterical thing going. I could never get enough of them on television.

So this imprint has always stuck. Also...my mother used to kind of drag me along to the theater. I especially loved it when musical comedy was on our menu. One of my favorite shows was Damn Yankees which then starred Ray (My Favorite Martian) Walston and Gwen Verdon.

Tonight was my birthday (thank you, thank you) so I combined these great chestnuts for my treat and caught Jerry on his swing through town with the Damn Yankees revival.

Okay, okay. The show is hoaky. Jerry's hoaky. But I went with it and had myself a fine old time anyhow. Click on the photo to see Jerry with the cast. And here's a post performance snap shot.

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