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Friday, March 29, 1996

Friday night- the inimitable Anon Salon , "FOOL proof PARTY"
or "The reboot recipe for April Fools." Mardi Gras-in-a-house is more like it as live music, dancing fools, and celebrants in drag tumble out of day glow rooms. "It's just like miniature golf on psychedelics" said one hedonist to another.
Soon to come on this very page... a mini carousel of photos from the event.

Saturday night I went to the closing of Gershwin's- Crazy for You at the Showcase Theater at Marin Civic Center. The reason was Miss Lauren Saffa, my cousin Joan's daughter, in the staring role as the fetching ingenue Polly Baker. Joan takes off this week for India to produce a show for CNBC. I must say that although this was a middle school production under the aegis of Joan Deamer, this opus was spectacular. Hundreds of people lent their talents to great costumes, colorful scenery, lighting, ensemble dance choreography and live musical orchestration. Of course Lauren looked gorgeous up there. She is loaded with talent and moxie and we can expect more from her soon. Her co-star was also an original personality in the person of Josh Berman, who, it would seem has a future on the boards if he wants it.
Double Take...take two. In the audience was ex- Chronicle Theater critic Gerald Nachman, a writer I greatly admire. In the 80's and early 90's I used to see Gerald at all sorts of opening night events, so this evening was déja vu all over again. He has since retired and is working on a book about The Golden Age of Radio. This event was well supported by friends and parents....hence Gerald's presence.

My Net site is participating in the cybermaze Internet game The Chase originating from Australia. Somewhere on my pages the graphic of a bullet hole lies quietly in wait for the next hunter to uncover which then speeds him along to the next NetSite. There are fifty thousand dollars in prizes and ten thousand in cash up for grabs. There are currently 1,600 registered participants and there's another episode starting Friday. Episode 1 was a toughie...37 web sites...only 7 people have gotten through so far. Feed back has been excellent...participants enjoy it, despite their frustration. A newsgroup has been set up for them to share clues etc, which is fun to watch.

Red Letter Day: Well slap our back. This site was numbah two in Internet Underground magazine's Net Top Ten list! (April '96) Put it there Robert!
Why, shucks, thanks.

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