Critical Mass Bicycle Ride Photo Extraordinare

Critical Mass - Assertive Cycling

Friday, June 28, 1996
The Embarcadero, San Francisco

It is finally the end of a very long week and I am making a tear out of the office going God knows where when Amanda spots me donning my bicycle hard hat (yes, I pump pedals occasionally.) "Critical Mass?" she asks is  Friday...the last Friday of the month...and I'm only five minutes away from the event I've been promising myself I'd check out for well over a year. Why'n thuh hell not?

So I head further downtown and get stirred up with hundreds, nay- thousands of whooping and yipping two wheeled dementos on this beee-utiful June night for a memorable ride over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Critical Mass is a fun, radical, spontaneous, and spirited demonstration of bicyclists uniting to challenge the autocentric world by riding together one afternoon each month. The ride begins at 6:00 PM on the last Friday of each month convening at Justin Herman Plaza by the Embarcadero at the foot of Market Street.

Time to get one rolling in your city.

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