Jim Marshall

Monday, Febuary 4, 1996

What were the odds of Marshall hitting six decades? Some of his friends would have you believe a monkey wearing boxing gloves while performing eye surgery had the edge.

Jim is a piece of work and has lived some kind of life... From his Web site ...

"Before ringing the doorbell, make sure a Last Will & Testament was on file somewhere. After all, this was the man who attended (the original) Woodstock Festival with a .380 Walther PPK in his belt. Who battled with Hunter S. Thompson over controlled substances. This is the man that Dennis Hopper claims to have based his character on in Apocalypse Now. And being one of Jim's friends never made interaction with him any easier. Tenure means nothing to Marshall. Legends abound that Marshall is a dangerous lunatic, but most people who believe that have tried to cheat him. His friends take a different view: Marshall is grossly unpredictable, fabulously silly, unbelievably opinionated, completely charming, and thoroughly maddening. Mercifully, he always seems able to laugh at himself."

Jim took it upon himself to watch out for me when I was a greenhorn trying to make a name for myself in photography. Marshall always encouraged me to share his choice spots on-stage or in the field. He set the right tone of camaraderie and that's why some of the great shooters like Gene Anthony, Herb Greene, Jon Sievert, Michael Zagaris, Jay Blakesberg, Robert Footherap, Ed Caraeff, Bill Reitzel, Jeff Strauss and Curt Anderson, (Baron Wolman in spirit) and many more came to pay tribute tonight. In addition to the great live music, food, booze, babes, and general coolness the party was also a great excuse for old friends to reunite. My escort was the lovely and lively Miss Carol Doda. 

P a r t y       P h o t o s from Le Scrapbook !

Among our many friends I was able to capture pics of...

 Thanks for the memories Jimbo. 

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